Cedars-Sinai Executive Director, Dept of Medicine Administration in Los Angeles, California

Job Posting: Summary of Essential Job Duties: Departments: Department of Medicine Administration Medicine Academic Operations / Research: Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Kidney/Liver Transplant, Digestive & Liver Diseases, Infectious Diseases, General Internal Medicine, Pulmonology / Critical Care Medicine Health Services Research – Spiegel Group Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) Center for Digestive Diseases

•Pancreatic-Biliary Group

•IBD Center (clinical operations only)

•Small Bowel Diseases & Nutrition Program Advanced Lung Disease and Allergy Medicine Program Bronchoscopy Lab Procedure Center Ambulatory Infusion Center Palliative Care / ISP Job Summary: The Executive Director is responsible for the daily coordination of the department, for which they have responsibility, including clinical practice, human resource management, fiscal accountability, productivity and regulatory compliance. She/he will exhibit leadership, humanism and professionalism in the management of his/her department. She/he demonstrates and creativity and serves as a catalyst for effective changes. Job Responsibilities:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of the trends and forces that shape the health care delivery system, the provision of care, and other emerging issues in health care. Demonstrates flexibility and initiative to effectively lead change efforts to respond to environmental or organizational change.

  2. Demonstrates fiscal management capabilities including effective expense reduction, utilization management, budget control and new revenue generation.

  3. Effectively manage clinic operations meeting staffing and productivity targets.

  4. Proven personnel management strength including demonstrated ability to select, motivate, develop and retain people and promote collaborative team efforts.

  5. Proven experience in leading quality and service improvement activities and achieving outcomes, which respond to customer expectations.

  6. Demonstrate knowledge and experience in assessing market opportunities, developing business plans and implementing programs to respond to such opportunities.

  7. Demonstrates capabilities in cross functional process assessment, problem solving and process improvement.

  8. Experience in effectively leading the design and organization of work, and allocation of resources to achieve appropriate staffing levels and mix, and productivity levels.

  9. Highly developed ability to work effectively with a variety of constituencies, and ability to lead and manage through influence.

  10. Demonstrates superior interpersonal and communication skills, commensurate presentation skills, in settings raging from one-on-one to large groups.

  11. Knowledge and experience in service pricing and contracting.

  12. Articulates organizational goals and vision and regularly communicate relevant information to subordinates. Demonstrates and promotes leadership behaviors and cultural values as defined in the CSMC mission and vision goal statements. Delegates appropriately and establishes effective accountability mechanisms. Coaches and develop subordinates. Is perceived as fair and impartial. Inspires enthusiasm, trust and positive work environment. Effectively manages conflict. Serves as a positive role model. Represents CSMC in a professional and supportive manner.

  13. Consistently demonstrate and foster in others, the principles of Continuous Quality Improvement in all areas of responsibilities. Promotes a service culture. Fosters continuous improvement of systems and processes. Promotes a culture of “always ready” regarding regulatory requirements. Employs a customer focus. Creates an empowering work climate. Breeds collaborative teamwork and problem solving. Broadly communicates values and expectations regarding quality. Achieves measurable improvement in quality of services in areas of responsibility.

  14. Exercises leadership and sound decision-making in maximizing the use of CSMC’s financial resources, in meeting the organizations financial goals, and in planning to maintain and/or improve CSMC’s future financial performance.

  15. Supports and takes ownership of CSMC’s values, strategies, objectives and policies. Develops group spirit and teamwork. Maintains constructive work relationships with other departments in achieving CSMC goals. Facilitates an open flow of information across CSMC. Actively supports collaboration within and across organizational boundaries. Actively participates as a team member. Provides feedback constructively to peers and superiors. Maintains positive relationship with peers, superiors, members of the medical staff, board of directors, and community.

  16. Establishes systems for appropriate management controls in all areas of responsibility. Ensure organizational compliance with legal and regulatory standards, internal policies and procedures, moral and ethical codes. Actively supports workforce diversity and takes initiative to attain Affirmative Action Plan objectives.

  17. Demonstrates and encourages innovation and prudent risk taking. Demonstrates and fosters initiative in programs, series, or problem-solving which support CSMC goals and business objectives. Is flexible in thinking and expeditious in taking action to solve organizational problems. Anticipates and is proactive in identifying, appropriately defining, diagnosing and resolving problems, taking relevant factors and consequences into account.

  18. Contributes to the development of strategic and operational plans, programs and policies of CSMC. Develops and implements measurable objectives consistent with the organization’s mission, goals and timetables. Anticipates, is flexible and adjusts plans to meet changing conditions. Organizes work to ensure timely, effective and economic use of resources. Develops ways to measure progress, evaluate results, and take corrective action in a timely manner. Demonstrates political and interpersonal acumen in making sound business decisions. Educational Requirements: Baccalaureate degree in Healthcare or Management related field. Graduate degree HA/MBA/MS in hospital administration or specialty field. License/Certification/Registration Requirements: *see educational requirements Experience: Minimum of five years in a leadership role with at least three years of Administration experience. Effectively demonstrate their ability to proactively address and resolve systems outcome issues through effective interpersonal skills & by communicating complex theoretical and technical concepts to all levels of personnel Physical Demands: (e.g., lifting, standing, walking)

Qualification Requirements/Preferences:

Education Certifications/Licensure Experience Physical Abilities