Cedars-Sinai Radiology Tech CRT in Anaheim, California

Job Posting: The Radiologic Technologist, IT Coordinator supports the physician by performing permissible exams under the direction of the Radiology Supervisor. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned. -Greet patients. -Manage patient flow. -Prepare patients for specified radiological procedures. -Set equipment to appropriate settings based upon ordered tests. -Assure markers are set as appropriate. -Run processor and review films to determine adequate results. -Ability to work in multiple sites performing ordered procedures. -Handle patient educational needs as pertains to requested studies. -Maintain logs of film location and dates for purging. -Maintain needed logs for QC. -Act as a role model providing radiological services. -Precepts new staff -Recommends areas for improvement. -Maintain suite readiness for DPH audits. - Perform appropriate infection controls processes. -Maintain current California Radiologic Technologist Licensure. -Assist in performing QA measures. ADDlTlONAL DUTIES AS RELATED TO EPIC COMPUTER SYSTEM: -The tech will he the head gatekeeper for Life Image. They will coordinate with gatekeepers from each location to ensure the proper importation of relevant patient imaging studies. -The tech will review the PACS daily and ensure that study information; patient information is accurate and in alignment with the patient record in the EMR. They will work with the enterprise information systems team to maintain accurate patient and study data with the PACS. -The tech will create clinic x-ray orders in the EMR and schedule those orders in RIS lo ensure efficient through put of patients. X-ray ordering and scheduling will be done five days in advance of clinic days and the clinic schedule will be reviewed for add-on patients daily. The tech will coordinate with a representative from each clinic physician' s team to ensure all x-ray orders arc appropriate per standing x-ray orders and patient diagnosis. -The tech will be tasked migration of images from a legacy PACS into a current state PACS as per required for clinic needs as well as completing the total migration of studies from the legacy PACS.

Qualification Requirements/Preferences:

Education Certifications/Licensure Experience Physical Abilities - Current California certification as a Radiology Technologist (CRT), ARRT.

  • 1-3 years of experience in outpatient medical setting preferred.

  • X-Ray diploma from an accredited school with current California certification and permits for chest, torso-skeletal, skull and extremity categories.

1-3 years experience in outpatient medical setting preferred.

  • Basic computer skills.

  • Proven customer service.

  • Ability to problem solve and prioritize assignments.

  • Basic understanding of patient care flow and insurance concepts.

  • Ability to correctly set up patients for requested radiological procedures using appropriate settings and markers.

  • Basic ability to correctly position patients for radiological procedures including chest x-ray, extremities and spine films.

  • Ability to perform radiological procedures maintaining patient privacy and dignity.

  • Ability to process film using current processors.

  • Ability to separate and prioritize patients needing stat or urgent films from routine studies.

  • Ability to handle provider correspondence regarding reports, stored films and outside records.

  • Understanding supply ordering and cost containment.

  • Understanding waste disposal.

-BLS from the American Heart Association

-Familiar with Windows computing, RIS, PACS, and DR systems